Story Mic

    Grandma's Tortilla Tradition


    Traditions provide us with opportunities to reconnect and remember, especially as time passes and our families grow up. Because her grandmother’s memory is fading in Alzheimer’s disease, Allison Kimball realizes one of her favorite family traditions could be lost unless she carries it on.

    Since she was a child, Allison has loved making tortillas at her grandmother’s kitchen table. She decided to make a recording of one of those experiences for her children to watch in the future. While she recorded, Allison reflected on the reasons she treasured that time with her grandmother.

    “I thought about… the sound of the rolling pin hitting the counter and the smell of the tortillas on the stove and the memories and the stories of faith and resilience that now are my stories, and my responsibility to pass to my family.

    What are your family traditions like, and which of them are you excited to keep alive for your future children and grandchildren? Leave a comment below.

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