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    Mormon and His Teachings - Episode 30

    Episode 30


    Ch. 49 Book of Mormon Stories and Discussion. Mormon and His Teachings | In this episode we learn through the life of Mormon that God will protect and bless those who choose to repent, to keep His commandments and to follow the Savior. We also learn how many years after Christ came, the people became wicked again. The sacred records of the Church were hidden to protect them from the wicked. Mormon was a strong and mighty man of God and was allowed to retrieve the records and write the history of his people. The Nephites were so wicked that the Lord could not protect them in battles against the Lamanites. In Mormon's final battle, he is badly wounded and gives the records to his son, Moroni, to complete. Moroni is the last righteous Nephite to live. He finishes the record and hides it in the earth, relying in the Lord to bring them forth again.