Music with a Message

    Adversity - Episode 2

    Episode 2


    Messages of Overcoming Adversity: This episode of Music with a Message features messages of overcoming adversity, trusting in God, enduring, and finding comfort by the following artists: Hillary Weeks, "Never Alone" (Album: I Will Not Forget); The Gibbons Family, "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" (Album: My Soul Delighteth); Julie de Azevedo, "Sometimes He Calms the Storm" (Album: Home); Mindy Gledhill, "Keeper of the Faith" (Album: The Sum of All Grace); the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, "Be Still, My Soul" (Album: Peace like a River); Chad Neth, "Hope Hiding" (Michael McLean Album: Hope Hiding); Cherie Call, "Only the Brokenhearted" (Album: He Gives Flowers to Everyone).