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    Strong Community Fights Cancer Together - April 20, 2015

    Episode 736

    Fighting Cancer2:42

    A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic and terrifying. That is why we love this story about Sarah Hicken, a high school senior facing cancer. When her friends and community heard the news, they united to show give her love and support.

    Sarah received hundreds of well wishes and public shout-outs, but the community didn’t stop at that. Numerous events and fundraisers have been held in her honor. The high school’s baseball team has dedicated its season to Sarah. Even Students from nearby schools have made posters shared photos on social media to show their support.

    Sarah’s story reminds us of this teaching from Gordon B. Hinckley:

    “[The Lord] expects we will be good neighbors, kind to others, to those not of our faith, that we will treat them with generosity and love and respect, that when they have troubles, we will reach out to assist them and lift them and help and bless them.”

    Who can you lift today?