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    Interview with Tim Ballard of - February 17, 2015

    Episode 692

    Listen to this interview with's Tim Ballard17:16

    Today we talk to a true hero. Tim Ballard, CEO and Founder of, goes undercover as a sex trafficker to rescue enslaved children. In this interview he explains how in these dark places he is able to feel the Spirit and see God's hand in his team's efforts.

    Since founding the organization in January 2014, Ballard has directed sting operations in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, and the United States. Previous to this project, Ballard worked as a government agent for 12 years. Now he dedicates his time and resources to raising awareness about 21st-century slavery. 

    Filmmaker Gerald Molen, producer of Schindler’s List, heard of Operation Underground Railroad’s cause earlier this year and approached Ballard with a large budget to make a documentary. Molen’s crew used hidden cameras to catch nearly every second of several undercover operations. The film is called The Abolitionist, and you can see it in theaters. Visit to learn more.