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    He Sees Our Potential

    June 28, 2017


    The new Mormon Message, “A Piano’s Purpose,” depicts the story of a piano, the prized possession of a woman at the end of her life. After she passes away, her piano is left alone in storage, where it becomes worn and broken. Eventually, the piano is donated to Deseret Industries, a thrift store and donation center.

    Many shoppers pass by the piano, but it only takes one to realize the potential it has to be restored and reused. She takes it home, and with hard work she brings the piano back to life. It becomes a significant part of her child’s life.

    What does that story have to do with you? There might be times when you feel like the old, worn-out piano. Maybe you feel broken or worthless, but God and Jesus Christ always see your potential.

    What is your favorite part about “A Piano’s Purpose?” Leave a comment below.