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    Developing Spiritual Habits at Home

    June 29, 2017

    A family drawing together8:15

    “Many voices from the world in which we live tell us we should live at a frantic pace," said Richard G. Scott. "There is always more to do and more to accomplish. Yet deep inside each of us is a need to have a place of refuge where peace and serenity prevail, a place where we can reset, regroup, and reenergize to prepare for future pressures. The ideal place for that peace is within the walls of our own homes, where we have done all we can to make the Lord Jesus Christ the centerpiece.”

    In this episode, we discuss habits we can cultivate at home, either as a family or as individuals, that will make home a spiritual sanctuary.

    What are your favorite ways to invite the Spirit into your heart and home? Leave a comment to inspire someone searching for ideas.