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    Returning to School as an Adult

    May 12, 2017

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    Are you the head of household, a single parent, or a stay-at-home mom who wants to go back to school?

    When Nia considered going to school again, she was a wife, a new homeowner, and the mother of two young children. She wondered if she had enough time or money to succeed in her studies. Now in the midst of her schooling, Nia explains her decision-making process, how she is balancing her many responsibilities, and her advice for adults that wish they could return to school, too.

    Russell M. Nelson taught, “Your mind is precious! It is sacred. Therefore, the education of one’s mind is also sacred. Indeed, education is a religious responsibility. Of course, our opportunities and abilities will vary a great deal. But, in the pursuit of one’s education, individual desire is more important than is the institution you choose; personal drive is more significant than is the faculty.”

    What could you do today to challenge your mind and expand your knowledge?