Latter-day Saint Women

    Wendy Ulrich | Finding Hope in Uncertainty


    “The gospel takes us out of the moment that we’re in and gives us a bigger picture of the purpose of life, of why we’re here, the bigger picture of immortality and eternity, and the bigger picture of relationships.” On this episode, we talk with Wendy Ulrich, a member of the Relief Society general advisory council, an author, and a psychologist. Wendy brings her years of experience and various perspectives to discuss the topic of uncertainty. While navigating everyday feelings of uncertainty due to the pandemic, in our marriages, during major life decisions or changes, or with our own beliefs, Wendy shares principles we can use and rely on to deal with this uncertainty. She answers questions like, how can we have hope? How can we give up needing to be in control? What happens next? In the midst of this anxiety and confusion we may feel, as we live our values, look for opportunities to grow, and trust in the Lord, we can find peace, calm, and meaning in our lives.

    Transcript available here