Latter-day Saint Women

    Tiffany Bowles | Spiritual Understanding


    Prominent women’s suffragist Susa Gates called this address by Sarah M. Kimball, “the best paper of our session” at the National Council of Women conference in Washington DC in February 1895. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Tiffany Bowles as they discuss how truth can be gained through spiritual understanding.

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    Sarah Melissa Granger Kimball (1818–1898) spent her life promoting women’s public activity and private “spiritual understanding,” as she explained in this 1895 speech delivered at the National Council of Women. Born in Phelps, New York, she and her family were baptized after her father read the Book of Mormon shortly following its publication.As a young woman, Kimball attended both the School of the Prophets and the Hebrew School in Kirtland, Ohio, at least once. After she and her husband migrated to Utah, Kimball supported her husband, Hiram, and their children by teaching school. Her contemporary Emmeline B. Wells said Kimball “had a good faculty for teaching [and] could simplify lessons and adapt them to the understanding of those whom she instructed.”These educational endeavors from her youth and early adulthood laid the foundation for her intellectual inquiry later in life.