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    Steven Harper | The Value of Faith


    In April 1926 Amy Brown Lyman stepped to the podium of the Assembly Hall and taught powerfully about the value and blessings of faith. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Steven C. Harper, PhD as they discuss what we can learn from this iconic discourse.

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    "My first love had been Primary work,” wrote Amy Brown Lyman (1872–1959), after nearly four decades of service on the Relief Society general board. In truth, she loved any program that concentrated on human development and flourishing. Before joining the board in October 1909, her major church work had been in the Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association. Lyman served on the Relief Society general board until 1945, the last five years as president. The first meetings she attended connected her to foundational Relief Society roots: Bathsheba W. Smith, who joined Relief Society as a nineteen-year-old in Nauvoo, was president. At that time the board met in the office of the Woman’s Exponent in Salt Lake City’s Templeton Building.