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    Rosemary Wixom | Discovering the Spiritual Power of Temple Covenants


    As a recent temple matron of the Salt Lake Temple, former Primary general president Rosemary Wixom shares how our efforts to attend the temple, increase our understanding, and reflect on our covenants bring power into our lives. In this episode, we discuss how to improve our temple experience, regardless of where we are on the covenant path. We talk about ways to learn more about the temple and where to go when we have questions. Rosemary shares her love of the temple, the Savior, and the inspiring members of the Church she met every day as the temple matron. From her lifetime of service, she reminds us that the Lord honors our commitments and sacrifices, and we can have hope, peace, and comfort among turmoil and at times of isolation.

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    “Let This House Be Built unto My Name”, Elder David A. Bednar, April 2020 General Conference

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