Latter-day Saint Women

    President Jean B. Bingham | Every Woman Belongs in the Church of Jesus Christ


    “It is my fervent wish that every woman know she absolutely belongs in the Church of Jesus Christ and is a valued member of the Relief Society.” Tune in to this special episode to hear insights and personal experiences from President Jean B. Bingham, the current Relief Society general president. President Bingham shares experiences that have shaped her life, including infertility, parenting foster children, and gaining a global perspective as she worked and volunteered as a teacher with refugee and other vulnerable populations. She shares her desire that each woman, regardless of marital status, race, background, or other category know that they belong, are loved, and are needed in the Church. She also shares her recent experiences studying the topic of priesthood power, and encourages women to take President Nelson’s challenge to study and learn more about how to access and draw upon priesthood power.