Latter-day Saint Women

    Mindy Booth Baxter | Infertility and Believing in a God of Miracles


    Description: How do you move forward with faith and hope when your righteous desires go unmet? How do you find belonging and meaning when your life path doesn’t fit “the mold” or what you anticipated or expected? In this episode, we talk with Mindy Booth Baxter, a member of the Relief Society Advisory Council, about the “revelation-led leaps of faith” that led her away from a successful career in New York City to culinary school, new opportunities to serve, and marriage in her 40s. Sister Baxter courageously shares her personal journey with infertility, and how she has found healing through turning to God and Jesus Christ in her suffering. She offers hope and understanding to others struggling with infertility and provides helpful suggestions on how we all can better minister to and comfort those we love.

    Transcript available here