Latter-day Saint Women

    Matt McBride | Power from Unity


    The Savior continually taught His disciples and followers to be one, but developing unity as a family, ward unit or team can be a real challenge. Join us as we explore a 1962 discourse by former Relief Society board member Louise W. Madsen (1909–1987) about how working to develop unity with others and with God gives us power. Guest Matt McBride, director of publications for the Church History Department, shares insights on Madsen's life and contributions to the Church, including supervising the creation of the Nursery program for children.

    "What is this power we may obtain? Since it derives from our unity with God our Father and his son Jesus Christ, is it not in the words of Micah 'to do what is good, to do what the Lord requires of us, to do justly and to walk humbly with our God'? Is it not the privilege to serve we seek, the moving force of compassion to feel? Is it not the power of God-given strength and his blessing of knowledge we cherish? Is it not the power of unselfish thought and action, selflessness, the ability to rise above fault-finding and petty-mindedness we desire? The power to be instrumental in saving souls has been accorded to Relief Society. To build firm testimonies to the divinity of the Savior and of the gospel is our ultimate purpose. Charity, the true love of Christ, is our guiding principle." - Louise W. Madsen

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