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    Mathew Grow | Be Forbearing and Forgiving


    Jane H. Neyman was denied membership in the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo. Rather than becoming bitter, Neyman went on to lead her local Relief Society in Beaver Utah. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Mathew J. Grow, PhD as they discuss how we can learn from the example and teachings of Sister Neyman.

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    Mother Neyman addressed the meeting on the subject of charity, encouraging all to be forbearing and forgiving, refraining as much as possible from scrutinizing the conduct of our neighbors, remembering always that we are human and must therefore err. It seemed to be the unanimous agreement of the Spirit that presided over the meeting that tattling and slander should die a natural death; that charity, which covereth a multitude of sins, which thinketh no evil, and suffereth long and is kind, should dig the grave and help to bury all the malice and envy which at any time had intruded upon our peace and harmony; and in their stead establish truth and integrity, twin sisters of charity, and then appoint the Mormon creed as a rear guard to repel the first attack of the enemy, that we might be timely warned to avoid an evil wherein our mutual confidence might be destroyed. All this, though not expressed in so many syllables, was in substance the same, no doubt the sentiments of all present. We hope our new members will understand what will be expected of them in this honorable sisterhood: that they will live above reproach and by guarding the doors of their lips keep themselves from censure.