Latter-day Saint Women

    Lori Newbold | Our Most Sacred and Valuable Relationship


    “My relationship with God is the most sacred and valuable relationship I have. (Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ) are worth paying a price to come to know, to be with, and to love.” In this episode, Sister Lori Newbold, director of training services for the Church’s Seminary and Institutes and a Young Women general board member, teaches how we can develop real and personal relationships with our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. She shares how she has been able to trust and rely on God for strength, comfort, and companionship when life doesn't go as planned. As a former Seminary teacher and principal and a licensed mental health professional, Sister Newbold also shares her love for teenagers and her confidence in their ability to develop their own relationships with the Savior and discover truth for themselves.

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