Latter-day Saint Women

    Lisa Olsen Tait | Today's Religious Crisis


    It can often feel as though religious rights and values are under attack in today’s world. You may be surprised that this view was shared by Elsie Talmage Brandley in 1934. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Lisa Olsen Tait, PhD as they discuss how Sister Brandley’s insights can help us today.

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    Sister Brandley’s service on the YLMIA general board spanned eleven years during the presidencies of Mattie Horne Tingey and Ruth May Fox. She joined the board in 1924 and, in addition to working on the magazines, helped to write manuals, plays, songs, programs, and other material. She was also a popular public speaker. E. E. Ericksen, with whom she collaborated on MIA committees, said that her idea of saving souls was to help all of their abilities—cultural, moral, and spiritual. “The human personality was sacred to her, and its development the great spiritual objective,” he said. She also championed young people in asking and finding answers to their own questions. “You are the ones whose responsibility it is to insure the faith and unwavering trust in the gospel which is your heritage,” she wrote.