Latter-day Saint Women

    Kate Holbrook | A Change of Heart


    One of the most hopeful messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that no matter our present circumstances, change and improvement is possible. But, sometimes the prospect of growth and change feels overwhelming and difficult. On today's episode we're joined by Kate Holbrook, the Church's managing historian of women's history and co-editor of "At the Pulpit," to discuss the life and teachings of a former Relief Society board member named Leone Jacobs (1903-1990) and her 1949 discourse about change beginning small and simple, in our hearts. Tune in to learn about Jacobs' mission to Syria and Palestine in the 1930s, how Kate discovered Leone's carefully-kept everyday journals, and how the Spirit can help us change our hearts and turn outward to see and serve others.

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    "One of the most glorious principles of life is that we can always rise above our present level. How discouraging life would be if once we found ourselves involved in unworthy conduct we could not lift ourselves up and out and on to better ways, but we do not have to remain as we are. Each day offers a fresh beginning." - Leone O. Jacobs