Latter-day Saint Women

    Jessica Nelson | Identity, Roles, and Responsibilities


    With recent changes to the way we organize priesthood quorums and Relief societies we may ask ourselves, what are the purposes of these organizations? Julie B. Beck provides straightforward and thoughtful answers in her 2012 BYU devotional. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Jessica Nelson to learn more.

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    "As the Prophet Joseph Smith began establishing the church in this dispensation, the Lord directed him to follow similar inspired patterns. When he set the course for the Relief Society, he told the sisters they were organized “under the priesthood after the pattern of the priesthood.” This gave the sisters official responsibilities in the restored church and the authority to function in those responsibilities. This was a pattern similar to that given to a president of a quorum of elders, who was to counsel with his presidency." - Sister Julie B. Beck