Latter-day Saint Women

    Jenny Reeder | Understanding Emma Smith


    “Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we think they should, but that’s ok because we can rework things, we can be flexible, we can walk through the mud a little bit, we can cross a frozen river, we can do anything that the Lord asks us to do because we know that He is with us and we too can cleave unto our covenants...This is what Emma would have done, and what she did, and what she would want us to do.” On this episode, we welcome back Church historian and author Jenny Reeder, who helps us better understand Emma Smith’s life and her character. Through her extensive research, Jenny shares with us the insights she’s gained into Emma’s great faith, her partnership with Joseph Smith, and her great responsibility in compiling the first hymn book to unify the early Saints. With context and compassion, Jenny explains how Emma faced and may have processed her life’s many tragedies and challenges, including the practice of polygamy. Together, we learn about Emma’s significant role in the restoration, and how her contributions can inspire us to fulfill our roles in the ongoing restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Transcript available here