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    Jenny Reeder | Love Thy Neighbor


    Every youth leader in the Church should listen to this talk by Emma N. Goddard. She may have given the talk 100 years ago but the principles ring with relevance and truth today. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Jennifer Reeder, PhD to learn more about how to teach the gospel to youth.

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    "Youth is the time for sweet, innocent pleasures; hence, we should encourage such and, as much as possible, help provide them. But in addition to taking this interest in their social life, we must try to impress our young people with the seriousness of the conditions by which we are now surrounded, and the necessity of each one of them assuming some personal responsibility in helping to bring about victory to the cause of truth and liberty. We can all do our bit no matter how poor and humble, how rich or influential we may be. Our boys at the front are risking their all." - Emma N. Goddard