Latter-day Saint Women

    Jenny Reeder | Faith and Confidence in God


    In May 1831 Lucy Mack Smith stood on the deck of an ice bound ship in Buffalo Harbor on Lake Erie and taught a group of Latter-day Saints the meaning of faith. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Jennifer Reeder, PhD as they discuss the words and example of mighty Mother Smith.

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    “And even if this were not the case, where is your faith? Where is your confidence in God? Do you know that all things are in his hands? He made all things and still rules over them, and how easy a thing it would be with God if every Saint here would just lift their desires to him in prayer that the way might be opened before us. How easy would it be for God to cause the ice to break away, and in a moment’s time we could be off on our journey; but how can you expect the Lord to prosper you when you are continually murmuring against him?” - Lucy Mack Smith