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    Judy Brummer went from being a newly baptized member to a full-time missionary in just a few months. Her unique ability to speak Xhosa allowed her to become a powerful missionary and translator in South Africa. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest James Goldberg to learn more about Brummer’s amazing experiences and the history of the Church in Africa.

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    "The longer I live, the more I believe that my mother had quite a lot in common with Moroni, who in the very last chapter of the Book of Mormon uses the word “power” not once, not twice, but nine times. And let us remember that Moroni was not typing on a laptop; he was carving on golden plates when he wrote in Moroni 10: “Deny not the power of God.” Then he repeated: “If ye deny not the power of God …” I think Moroni wanted us, in these last days, to acknowledge, remember, and believe in the power of the Almighty. I am extremely grateful to my mother for teaching me those two things." - Judy Brummer