Latter-day Saint Women

    Emily Utt | Preserving the Legacy of Latter-day Saints: Florence S. Jacobsen


    Old buildings that are loved for their stories and significance are a central part of the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day. Historic Sites curator Emily Utt introduces us to her predecessor Florence Smith Jacobsen, the first female Church curator, who used her passion, personal connections, and great influence to preserve our heritage through building preservation. Known for restoring many church buildings, including the Lion House, Beehive House, and the interior of the Manti Temple, and for her involvement in the creation of the Church History Museum, Florence connected the importance historic sites and artifacts to our lives today by teaching that the best way to preserve our pioneer legacy is by becoming worthy of that story. Emily also offers insights into her current work as curator to preserve historic sites and temples, including the Salt Lake Temple renovation project.