Latter-day Saint Women

    Elizabeth Kuehn | Who We Really Are


    When Jutta Busche moved from Germany to Bountiful Utah she was overcome with feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in. In her April 1990 talk at BYU Women’s Conference she explains how each of us have a treasure to give. Join hosts Shalyn Back and Katie Perez along with special guest Elizabeth A. Kuehn as they discuss this poignant and laugh-out-loud discourse.

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    "I learned from them that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and that we are here on this earth to learn, to grow, and to love. I learned that we lived with God as his spirit children, his sons and daughters. We walked and talked with him. We knew him and he still knows us. We raised our hands in support of the plan to come to this earth. Achieving our full potential in our journey here depends on our free choices. That message needs to penetrate every act of our daily lives." - Jutta Busche