Latter-day Saint Women

    Elaine S. Dalton | The Women I Prayed For


    “The young women who are now the young adult women and the mothers and the leaders in the church are doing and becoming exactly what I prayed they would become and do. It is such a joy for me to see that and to see these valiant young women taking their place and shaping this dispensation.” In this episode, Sister Elaine S. Dalton, 13th president of the Young Women organization, provides ongoing encouragement to “her” young women in the various roles they have. She shares her thoughts about the new Young Women theme and the impact these truths can have on our lives. She talks about the premature death of her father, and the strength that has come from the scriptures and understanding her inherent identity as a daughter of Heavenly Parents. When thinking about Sister Dalton’s legacy, her focus on connecting with individuals is obvious in her timeless statement: “One virtuous woman led by the Spirit can change the world.”

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