Latter-day Saint Women

    Bonnie Oscarson | Directing Our Lives on the Gospel Path


    "Drifting, Dreaming, Directing", Ardeth G. Kapp, At the Pulpit: 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women

    Bonnie Oscarson served as the 14th president of the Young Women organization, leading young women worldwide through a period of great change and growth from 2013-2018. She joins us today to share her experiences from a life of service in the Church, and to discuss the life and teachings of another great leader of Young Women from our history, Ardeth G. Kapp. The discussion today focuses on themes from Kapp's especially relevant 1980 BYU Women's Conference address, "Drifting, Dreaming, Directing," where she encourages women to direct their lives along the gospel path and seek conversion from personal revelation.

    "When changes come, and they always will, for some it may be a test to survive because their foundation is based on practices alone, without an understanding of the eternal, unchanging principles."
    - Ardeth G. Kapp

    "Our greatest dreams will be fulfilled only as we come to understand fully and experience the blessings of the priesthood, the power of the priesthood, and the ordinances of the priesthood in our own lives."
    - Ardeth G. Kapp

    "All individuals are what they are and where they are by a composite of choices that direct their life each day. The responsibility of directing is not only for our own lives, but also for others who may be looking for the light."
    - Ardeth G. Kapp