His Grace In-Depth

    Life After War and Overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress

    Episode 2

    Life After War and Overcoming Post- Traumatic Stress - His Grace8:27

    The Taylor brothers have always been close, but enduring war, post-traumatic stress, and heroin addiction together brought them closer to each other and closer to Jesus Christ than they ever imagined possible.

    “Growing up, we were involved in everything together,” says Chris, Mitch’s older brother. “He pretty much followed me everywhere I went, and he kind of mirrored all of the stuff that I was doing, for good or for bad.”

    After Chris decided to serve in the army, Mitch did too. When Chris returned from Afghanistan and Mitch returned from Iraq, they both suffered from post-traumatic stress and became closed off, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    Chris self-medicated with OxyContin prescribed to him for a back injury. Then he turned to heroin. Mitch began using as well, eventually becoming homeless. They hid each other’s addictions.

    It wasn’t until Chris was hospitalized for complications with heroin that he decided to submit his will to Jesus Christ. When he did, he felt overwhelming peace and comfort.

    “He knew what I was going through, and He put His arms around me and lifted my soul. And he took those burdens away from me, almost immediately,” he says.

    When Mitch saw his brother begin to change, he realized he had to do something to change too. Like his brother, Mitch couldn’t recover until he turned to Christ.

    “I felt like I was in this thing alone my whole life, but I wasn’t. … He cares for me, even when I can’t care for myself. In a world where everything is so dark and everything makes you feel like you’re alone, that’s been my anchor. … The Savior literally saved my life.”