Here to Help

    Tutoring to Change a Life

    Episode 11

    Tutoring to Change a Life23:19

    Imagine the daily frustrations you would face if you could not read. How would it change your experience grocery shopping or using public transportation? For many, illiteracy is reality.

    According to the Literacy Project Foundation, 44 million American adults cannot read a simple storybook to their children. Many of those adults believe it is too late to learn. It is not. Literacy programs are available in most U.S. public libraries. They provide volunteer-based services for those seeking knowledge in reading, writing, and speaking.

    In this episode of Here to Help, we travel to the Santa Barbara Public Library in California to find out how teaching someone to read can truly change a life—and be the beginning of a lasting friendship. What we give away in sacrifice is small in comparison to the joy and blessings that come back to us as a result.

    In the last half of this episode, we interview John Keller, who was featured in the Mormon Message “Lift.” He shares his testimony of service and explains why he was willing to provide it for someone day after day, with no end in sight.