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    The Navajo Garden Project

    Episode 8

    The Navajo Garden Project22:04

    Part of the fun in self-sufficiency is having the power to teach others to be self-sufficient as well. The volunteers in this story of service set the perfect example of using your talents and knowledge to lift others.

    Due to the dry climate and tainted soil, those living on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona were unable to grow the vegetable gardens they wanted. Farmers who had the knowledge to manage the harsh environment volunteered to share the principles of provident living, which allowed the Navajo people to successfully grow gardens and become more self-sufficient.

    What impact has this had on individual families and the community as a whole? Listen in to find out. In the last half of the episode, we talk to Wade Sperry, an employee of the LDS Welfare Department who was personally involved in the Navajo Garden Project. He explains the importance of provident living, both temporal and spiritual.