Here to Help

    Rescue During a Flood

    Episode 6

    Flood in Rexburg, Idaho14:58

    In the summer of 2014, a flash flood devastated parts of Rexburg, Idaho, damaging homes, businesses, and farms. In this episode, hear how one neighborhood rallied around a family to rescue their home.

    After the flood, the Smith family was overwhelmed; even more unimaginable than damage to their home was the amount of help they received from their neighbors. Everyone offered any resources he or she had to save the Smith’s belongings and lift their spirits. What seemed to be only a tragedy at first turned out to be a divine reminder that what matters most is our willingness to serve each other, whether the need is great or small.

    In the last half of this episode, we interview a young mother who also felt lifted by loving neighbors in a time of distress. She was still in the process of moving her belongings to a new home when she went into labor early. When she returned from the hospital, the moving process was complete, thanks to selfless friends who did not wait to be asked to do something good.