Here to Help

    Rebuilding Life Through Poetry

    Episode 10

    Rebuilding life through Poetry25:57

    Brandon Crockett moved to Chicago to work as a copywriter. Now he is in his seventh year of teaching poetry to the residents at St. Leonard’s halfway house for recently released convicts.

    When Brandon started volunteering at St. Leonard’s, he did not teach poetry. In fact, he had no formal training as a teacher of any sort. But he had a talent for writing, and as he got to know the ex-convicts, he thought, “These guys would write really good poetry.…they just have interesting thoughts. If they could get them down on paper I think it would be really cool.”

    That was the start of something truly amazing. In this episode of Here to Help, we sit in on one of Brandon’s classes and hear beautiful, soul-searching poems written by his students. Which one is your favorite?

    In the last half of the episode, we talk to a man who photographs cancer-stricken children in a fantasy world of their choosing. In the photo below, one little girl’s dream of being Alice in Wonderland comes to life, thanks to Jonathan Diaz’s decision to use his talents and spare time to bless others.

    How can you use your talents to bless and inspire others?