Here to Help

    Orphanage Fix-up

    Episode 5

    Sydney Hacking came across a Mexican orphanage in need and decided to help fix it up.24:04

    When Sydney Hacking came across a Mexican orphanage in need, she decided to help. The difference she and her friends have made in the lives of many orphans since that day is inspiring.

    Sydney travels to Tijuana, Mexico, several times a year to serve in an orphanage that she first happened to visit while on a business trip a few years ago. Giving her own money and time, she organizes trips like the one we went on in this episode. On each trip, her neighbors, friends, and family come along to help her tackle whichever project she sets her sights on. This time, it was a revamp of the girls’ dormitories.

    Sydney’s desire to make a difference and decision to take action has blessed her life, the lives of her fellow-volunteers, and, of course, the lives of those who live in the orphanage. Find out how you can offer similar service by visiting