Here to Help

    Finding Refuge from His Battle with Cancer

    Episode 7


    After 7,000 hours of chemotherapy, 3 months of radiation, and 8 surgeries, no one would have blamed Dov Siporin for wanting to give up. He was diagnosed with stage-four cancer seven years ago, but not only did he continue his personal fight courageously; he also helped other terminally ill patients fight theirs with hope and happiness.

    Dov passed away several days after this story was released on Mormon Channel. We are honored to share his inspiring example with the world.

    Around the holidays, you could find Dov preparing themed gift bags for patients, whose holiday cheer was probably running low. In fall of 2014, producer Dani Hayes accompanied him in celebrating what he called “Thanksturkey,” which he celebrated by visit patients in the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to gifts, he gave out jokes and encouragement, all while wearing a “Thanksturkey” costume.

    “You’re a lot stronger than you think,” he told the patients.

    That is good advice for all of us, no matter what we are facing. Dov’s service to others inspired them to serve others too. We hope you are equally inspired to discover the beautiful benefits of thinking of others more often than yourself.

    Listen to the episode for more on Dov’s story.