Extreme Genes: Family History Radio

    Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Winthrop Fleet


    The show opens with Fisher and David Allen Lambert. The guys discuss the apparent discovery of the site of the original Pilgrim settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts.Fisher shares his 2015 visit with Robert Charles Anderson, who created the “Great Migration” series of reference books beginning in 1988. In the first segment, they’ll talk about what inspired Robert to devote his life to this great work, and how his research has allowed him to debunk some Pilgrim myths. Fisher and Robert continue their conversation with an explanation of the Winthrop Fleet and how it changed the course of the European settlement of North America in the 1630s. Then Tom Perry, our preservation specialist, answers a pair of listener emails, one (that was more than a little surprising) about transferring a Blu-Ray disk to VHS!