Enduring It Well

    Living A Balanced Life - Dr. Lane Smith - Episode 58

    Episode 58


    Throughout his career, Dr. Lane Smith, a renowned doctor of medicine specializing in psychiatry, has worked with troubled teens, distraught adults, and marriages on the brink. Through it all he has kept a level head centered in the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It was something that was taught to him at a young age, being the grandson of Joseph Fielding Smith, the 10th President of the Church.

    Dr. Smith tells of the tragic day when his 60-year-old father, Joseph Fielding Smith Jr, was visiting the Grand Canyon with his wife. Posing for photos at the canyon's rim (about 18 feet from the edge), he stumbled and could not recover from his fall. He fell over the edge of the Grand Canyon to his death. Dr. Smith explains with conviction his trust in a great plan that will reunite them as a family for eternity.