Enduring It Well

    Compassion Upon You - Shauna Ewing-Stimson - Part 1 - Episode 60

    Episode 60


    Shauna and her husband, Terrell, lived the typical suburban life. Their happiness was challenged when Terrell was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. Ever so slowly, Terrell's muscles were beginning to atrophy with no regeneration. While Shauna assumed most of the parenting duties, she also performed most of Terrell's personal care. As physically demanding as it was, she inspired all around her with her love and devotion to her ailing husband. By the time Terrell passed away, Shauna had a network of family and friends ready and willing to love and care for her. Shauna joins host W. A. Christensen to describe the demands on caregivers and make suggestions of how to survive the trial of caring for afflicted loved ones.