Interview with Elder Richard G. Hinckley

    Episode 48


    Richard G. Hinckley grew up in the home of future Church President Gordon B. Hinckley and experienced all the normal activities of boyhood. His wife, Jane, grew up as the daughter of a famous tennis player. In this episode of Conversations you will hear an interesting account of their courtship, excellent advice on many aspects of life, and some unique experiences connected with their long service to the Church.

    Also included are explanations of the powerful influence of Elder Hinckley's mission to Germany as a young man and his unexpected call as a General Authority of the Church. This informal discussion allows listeners to become better acquainted with the Hinckleys.

    Elder Hinckley - Counsel on Shaping Your Life

    Elder Hinckley - Childhood and Tennis

    Elder Hinckley - Service in the Missionary Department

    Elder Hinckley - Mission President in Salt Lake

    Elder Hinckley - Use of the Word Elder

    Elder Hinckley - Issues Facing the Church

    Elder Hinckley - Testimony

    Sister Hinckley - Testimony

    Elder Hinckley - Mission to Germany

    Elder Hinckley - Childhood

    Elder and Sister Hinckley - Courtship and Marriage

    Sister Hinckley - Conversion of Her Father

    Elder Hinckley - Church Hosting

    Elder Hinckley - Calling as a Seventy