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    What are You #ThankfulFor?

    November 3, 2014

    Mormon Channel #ThankfulFor Video Submissions

    The smell of pumpkin spice, the crisp leaves on the street, and the chilly air swirling around our faces all remind us that Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It’s easy to revel in these sensory pleasures of the season and sometimes hard to remember the point of it all—to celebrate the harvest, the bounty, and the blessings received earlier in the year. Reflecting back on what the Lord has done for us helps us realize how much we really do have, despite living in a world that constantly barrages us with messages that say we don’t yet have enough or that what we do have isn’t good enough.

    This month, we would love to give you an additional opportunity to reflect on the blessings that you have received from the Lord and invite you to tell us in a short video what you are #ThankfulFor. Just upload a video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #ThankfulFor, and tag @MormonChannel. We will then compile all of the submissions into an online video that will be released on our YouTube channel the day before Thanksgiving.

    Check out our Instagram account for the latest submissions.

    We are excited to hear what you are #ThankfulFor this season!