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    Top 10 Mormon Channel Videos of 2016

    December 29, 2016

    Are you planning on staying up till midnight to ring in the new year? Pass the time by watching some of the most popular videos on Mormon Channel. In 2016 we had the opportunity to share stories that have touched and inspired millions of people all over the world. Below are 10 of the stories you watched and shared the most. Thank you for watching, reading, and listening with us this year.

    Which video was your favorite and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

    1. “I Am Here” Music Video

    The eight Bonner siblings and their parents gathered from around the country to compose and record this original song based on the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

    1. The Journey

    In this Mormon Message, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf recalls fleeing, as a child, from war-torn East Germany with his mother.

    1. Living Beyond “What If?” | Cambry Kaylor

    Sometimes Cambry is asked if she dreams of going back to that fateful day and preventing the accident that paralyzed her. Hear her answer and how it has changed over time in this Hope Works presentation about our plans, God’s plans, and what we can do when they seem to conflict.

    1. Living with Depression

    When Heather first recognized the symptoms of her depression, she felt ashamed. She also felt sure that with faith, prayer, and help from Jesus Christ, the depression could be taken away. She learned that sometimes prayers are answered in unexpected ways.

    1. Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience | Matt Townsend

    In this Hope Works presentation, Matt explores how labels change the way we see ourselves and who each of us really is.

    1. Baptists and Mormons Working Together: Tutoring Struggling Kids in Los Angeles

    In one Los Angeles neighborhood, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a local Baptist church have teamed up to help tutor kids from struggling communities and families.

    1. The Perfect Lie | Tiffany Webster

    Tiffany saw perfection in her future as a wife, mother, and overachiever. But as checklists grew longer and expectations grew harder to meet, Tiffany felt exhausted and broken. Hear Tiffany tell her story in this Hope Works presentation about how she overcame what she calls “The Perfect Lie.”

    1. Refuge from the Storm

    In his April 2016 general conference address, Elder Patrick Kearon spoke of the Savior’s connection to refugees, saying, “At various points in His ministry, Jesus found Himself threatened and His life in danger, ultimately submitting to the designs of evil men who had plotted His death.”

    1. Seeing Green | Jill Thomas

    After Jill Thomas lost her daughter Penny in a tragic accident, her world seemed to crumble. Her husband was having a crisis of faith in God, her little girl was gone, and hope seemed all but lost. Join Jill in this Hope Works presentation as she explores the creative thought process that taught her to have faith, hope, and joy even in the midst of her suffering.

    1. "Love at Home" Music Video

    Friends and families around the world are striving for happy homes. What can you do to join them? For a start, share this upbeat take on a classic hymn, sung by artists in the Philippines.