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    The Voice of an Angel

    December 26, 2014

    Q&A with 11 Year-Old Singing Superstar Lexi Walker

    A Christmas music video staring 11 year-old singing phenomenon Lexi Walker was recently released and has already touched so many of you. If you haven’t heard this version of “The First Noel,” we can promise it is one you won’t want to miss.

    We sat down with Lexi to get her perspective on the music video and learn how her growing success has impacted her faith.

    What did you learn while filming “The First Noel” with Mormon Channel?

    Filming “The First Noel” increased my understanding of Christ and His birth. Before, it was just an event on a timeline, and I didn’t really understand that this was such a sacred moment. People traveled a really long way just to see Him and give Him gifts. It was a blessing to learn more about Him through this experience.

    The producer asked me to study my scriptures beforehand and to ponder the meaning of Christ’s birth throughout the shoot. I loved that. Usually, a producer or director would say, “Be a good actor.” But she asked me to focus on Jesus Christ. I actually ended up memorizing verses 1–16 of Luke 2.

    What do you hope people will feel and take away from the video?

    I hope that after watching the video people will have a deeper understanding of how precious it was, that moment of His birth. That’s what I took away. I’m so glad I got to make this video to help spread the message that Jesus Christ was born and that He still lives.

    How has your experience as a singer changed your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

    I feel that my singing has strengthened my testimony because of what I have seen in the music industry. I have learned that I am so blessed to know the Lord is by my side, which not everyone knows for himself or herself. I am so grateful to be part of this Church.

    What is your favorite genre of music to sing?

    I love to sing all genres, as long as the song is uplifting.

    What advice would you give to other young singers and performers?

    Don’t try to be like somebody else. Learn more about you, and always stay true to yourself.