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    The Sacred Role of Father

    June 18, 2015

    Fatherhood is a special job. As one father put it, “It’s an honor to be a father. It’s a special opportunity that our Heavenly Father has given you the responsibility over these spirits that He has sent down into your home.”

    Once you become a father, that calling is yours forever. There is no greater time than now for you to start becoming the type of father you want to be. Satan is working hard to destroy families, and in many cases his attention and acts are focused on husbands and fathers. He does this because he knows a father is the anchor of his family.

    As a father, there are three sacred roles you play. First, you are the head of your family. This is the most important leadership role you will ever hold. Second, you are a teacher to your children. Third, you are the provider for your family.

    As the head of your family, preside with love and righteousness. You can do this by leading in family prayer, presiding at the dinner table and over family home evenings, offering priesthood blessings, establishing family rules, and ensuring those rules are followed.

    As a teacher, you have the responsibility of making your kids familiar with the light and truth of the gospel. They will also learn from you how to work, how to behave, and how to treat others. Your example will make even more of an impact on their minds and hearts than your words will. Be a humble teacher who is always open and ready to listen to the direction of the Holy Ghost, who will take your teaching to a higher level.

    As the provider, the money you earn will be your family’s source of food, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities. No one wants their family to go without. Fulfilling this responsibility will mean you have to make sacrifices, but you will receive so much more than you give.

    Being a father is the greatest privilege Heavenly Father has given you. Treasure your family and your responsibilities. Your wife and children will treasure the effort you make.