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    #ShareGoodness: Bolaji’s Story

    July 26, 2017

    Every story of faith is unique. Bolaji’s started when he was a young boy in Nigeria and is still unfolding today.

    Bolaji’s parents were religious and they taught their children to love and serve God. Bolaji wondered, though, why he never felt comfortable in their Muslim and Christian church services. He was searching for something more.

    At 22 years old, Bolaji attended a meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was baptized that same year.

    “Wow, that was my greatest year, you know?” Bolaji says. “I feel good. I feel free. First time in my life.”

    Bolaji and his brothers were forced to flee Nigeria following their father’s murder. On a treacherous sail in a small boat, his brothers drowned before the remaining passengers were saved by the Italian coast guard. Because of his faith in Jesus Christ, Bolaji has hope that he will see his brothers again.

    To hear Bolaji tell his story and to find out where he was called to serve as a full-time missionary, watch the video above.

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