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    #ShareGoodness: You Serve a Purpose

    November 16, 2016

    Having a bad day? Sometimes all you need to do to feel better is help someone else feel better. The man in this short and sweet video uses his craft to serve others, and it makes all the difference in their lives—and his.

    “A person’s always happy to serve someone else. It makes you feel good,” he says. “I think that service to others is one of the most important reasons that we’re here on earth—to learn to serve one another and to make one another happy.”

    How could you use your talents and passions to lift someone today?

    More feel-good videos like this one can be found on the brand new YouTube channel, #ShareGoodness. It features Mormon-related videos created around the world. Videos range in topics from music and gospel explanations to humor and helping others, so there will always be something worth watching.

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