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    Service, Love, & Welfare

    November 26, 2014

    A Christ-Centered Welfare System

    This time of year, people around the world are focusing on giving gifts and giving thanks. We think the best gifts come in the form of service.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints produces hundreds of millions of pounds of food on Church-owned welfare farms every year. Then, volunteers distribute the food to the poor and needy, regardless of their religious affiliation, around the world.

    “I think some of the greatest opportunities in life are when you have a chance to serve somebody else,” one volunteer says.

    The welfare farms yield crops of green beans, apples, wheat, peaches, raisins, potatoes, and more that all help to sustain a healthy diet when an emergency strikes. Familiar with the LDS or not, everyone is invited to lend a hand and serve others.

    Said another volunteer, “When you serve others, you forget about yourself and your own worries.”

    For ideas and more information on how you can help serve in your own community, visit or