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    Reaching Dreams with the Help of DI

    February 16, 2016

    Deseret Industries (DI) is much more than a thrift store. Did you know they train their employees in a range of career fields so they can create a career path specific to their skills?

    Noor Hashmi started working at DI as soon as she graduated from high school. Though she was only 17 years old, she had big plans for the future.

    In her first few weeks at DI, Noor met with her job coach, Megan. They discussed several ways Noor could begin pursue a career in medical assisting. Together, they developed a step-by-step plan to help Noor gain the required education and experience to meet her goal. Not only did each step increase Noor’s knowledge; it also increased her confidence.

    “She really set goals for herself,” says Megan. “Even what she’s doing right now—it’s a stepping-stone for the career she wants.”

    Noor parted ways with Megan before she received her certification. She worried she would never have the chance to thank Megan again, but she was thrilled to finally have the job she dreamed of.

    “This is what I really want to be,” she says. “Talking to patients, talking about their problems, helping them out. I love what I do.”

    A few months later, Megan was sitting in her physician’s waiting room when her name was called and she looked up to see Noor, ready to help her.

    Megan said, “You don’t often get to see someone working in their job, so that was very rewarding to see someone be successful and know you are a small part of it.”

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