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    Q&A: Emily Brown, Singer and Songwriter

    June 30, 2015

    Singer/songwriter Emily Brown performed “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” in a Mormon Channel music video. We sat down with the singer to learn about her dedication to her testimony through music.

    How did you first get involved with music?

    I’ve always loved to sing since I was a little kid, and I’ve always had a relish for words, which created an interest in songwriting. I first started writing songs when I was 12, and it has escalated from there. I’ve been in a couple of bands and have a band of my own that plays my music with me. It’s a great thing, and it has always been an uplifting talent for my friends and me.

    What role does music play in your testimony?

    I grew up hearing that music is uplifting for people and that it can make the world a better place. But initially I loved music for myself. I liked writing songs. However, while I was on my mission in Russia, my mission president asked me to write songs about various gospel themes. It became a special experience. I would set out to write a song, not knowing how I really felt about it, but my feelings and testimony would unfold as I wrote.  My biggest experience was when I set out to write a song about the Prophet Joseph Smith. I believed in Joseph Smith as a prophet, but I never felt a personal connection to the actual person. As I sought out to write a song, I started to feel personally invested in who he was as a prophet. Writing songs with gospel themes helped me expose my personal testimony.

    What intrigued you to do this music video for the Mormon Channel?

    I love music and I love missionary work. The Internet is an incredible tool for sharing the gospel and sharing good things. It was an obvious choice to participate in such an uplifting video.

    Since it was released, what kind of response have you received?

    I feel like it has been very positive! I have some nonmember friends that have messaged me, saying that the video is so uplifting and that they are proud to see what I am doing for my music and for my church. Because of this video I’m reaching people that I thought wouldn’t care about it. It’s bigger than me at this point. It’s doing good for the people watching it.

    So, tell us what’s next for your music.

    I am working on a new solo album. But after that I hope to record the songs that I wrote on my mission.

    Finally, what do you hope people gain from the “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” video?

    I feel like the message is to love people more. It’s something that I am personally working on. I think that the miracle of Jesus Christ was His empathy. It’s easy to imagine someone who is strict and perfect. But I believe that He understands us too. He has gone through the trenches, and I think that when we try to be like Him we seek to understand others. I hope we can all aim to love more, look for the similarities, and seek to be kind.