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    Parents as Caretakers: Lexi’s Recovery

    November 18, 2015

    Lexi Hansen was hit by a car while riding her longboard in Utah. Here, her mother, Marcia Hansen, shares how she was able to care for her daughter and strengthen her faith during this trying time.

    The night of February 26, 2014, is one I wish I could erase from my memory. I was home alone when my husband came rushing in the door. "Lexi was hit by a car riding her longboard," came the staggering announcement.His words jolted me from my thoughts, and I bounded from the table and away from my quiet surroundings. The tone of his voice frightened me. "Lexi's all right, isn’t she? His words shook me to my core. "What happened?" "How bad is she?" My questions tumbled out one after the other. "I have no idea,” he muttered.

    When we arrived at the emergency room, I leaped out of the car. Within seconds I saw her still and almost lifeless body. The doctors came in, their faces grim, and began to explain to us the grave news that Lexi had less than a 1% chance to live. My husband gave her a priesthood blessing, then we knelt in a separate room for a family prayer. After the prayer, I suggested that we individually kneel and say a silent prayer of gratitude. The hospital personnel came immediately after to tell us they had seen a “hint of life” in Lexi so they would move her to the ICU. What a powerful testimony to our family of the power of prayer.

    While we waited day after day for her to come out of the coma, each family member received an individual witness she would be healed. One example happened to my son Parker. After two days of turmoil he picked up his scriptures, which fell open to Mormon 9:11–19: “I will show unto you a God of miracles. … I would ask of you, have all these things passed … ? Behold I say unto you, Nay; and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles." The Spirit bore witness to him she would be healed. On fast Sunday four days after her accident, we sang hymns and knew family on the other side of the veil had joined us in Lexi’s room. Lexi opened her eyes and then the most remarkable thing happened; she hand-signed “I love you.” God had heard our pleas and accepted our fast and by His power brought Lexi back to life.

    Although she was out of her coma I felt myself standing on the foothill of the precipice of a steep mountain of adversity. Little did I know how rugged the rest of the journey to the peak would be. I could feel the wind of hope at my back pushing me upward on the rocky incline and knew there would be much more soul stretching in the slow, tedious process for her to regain her abilities.

    Her pain was so intense that in order for her to get out of bed each morning I had to be a cheerleader, always encouraging, not allowing her to quit, and reminding her she could do hard things. The slow progress could be discouraging and draining, but I kept reminding myself that God was in charge and that His promises were real. That thought was empowering.

    It was, however, refreshing to have a change of pace, a time to ponder, to read God's word and become better in tune with the Spirit in this sacred setting where angels had been and a miracle had taken place. I knew that I didn't want to waste time wishing for Lexi’s recovery to pass but to find out what I was to learn. The deep rivers she would wade through would refine my character as well.

    Putting my life on hold for almost a year while my life revolved around her needs changed me. I was happier. Seeing her never-ending pain, my exhaustion vanished. Since it was only the two of us most of the day, it bonded our relationship. We connected with a special closeness that many mothers yearn for.

    Eventually Lexi regained all of her abilities. She had started her papers a week before the accident, and on December 31, 2014, she entered the MTC to begin her mission to the Iowa Des Moines Mission. As I look back and reflect on the miraculous healing of my daughter, my heart is so full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for His goodness and love.