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    My Prayer Was Answered In General Conference

    April 1, 2016

    By Ted Bingham from Wisconsin

    Years ago, I was going through the repentance process. Close to the end of the process, my stake president asked me if I felt forgiven yet. I told him that I had been worried about that. In all of our interviews he had told me the Spirit would witness to me when I had done all that was required of me to be forgiven by God.

    I went on to tell him what had happened the previous weekend—general conference weekend. I was a little late getting to my Church building to watch the last session, and I was alone because my wife and kids were out of town. As I walked into the chapel, found a seat, and got settled to listen, President Thomas S. Monson said the words, "You are forgiven.”

    Now, those words were just part of a sentence that had nothing to do with my particular situation. However, the Spirit filled my heart at that very moment, letting me know it was true. I was forgiven.

    The next thing my wonderful stake president said to me in our interview has stuck with me ever since. He told me that from that moment on, any pain or guilt I felt over what I'd done was just Satan attempting to drag me down.

    He reminded me, “Christ didn't spend a single minute suffering longer than He had to in order to fulfill His mission.”

    That means we should never feel the need to wallow in shame or guilt longer than necessary to fulfill our mission of change in this life.

    Those three simple words from a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ were a small part of a conference talk, but they had eternal meaning to me.

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